Assignment Question #2.

Assignment Question #2.

  • A gas exerts a steady pressure of 56 psi on the top of a piston as the piston moves through a stroke of 3 inches. If the diameter of the piston is 2 inces., how much work is done by the gas in foot-pounds ?


  • hydraulic piston is extended by means of hydraulic oil at 14,000 kPa. The piston bore (diameter) is 8 cm and its stroke is 20 cm. Determine the work done by the piston.


  • Water leaves the nozzle of a hose at a velocity of 2400 ft/min. Determine the kinetic energy per pound of water


  • a 1-kg piston in an internal combustion engine travels at 60 m/s at a specific instant. What kinetic energy does the piston possess ?


  • Two thousand gallons of water are stored at an average distance of 130 ft above the level of the water main. What is the total potential energy of the water with respect to the main ? ( gal = 8.34 lb)


  • In a certain 630 km stretch of river, the riverbed suffers a drop of 0.7 m/km. What is the total loss of potential energy per kilogram of water flowing down this stretch of the river ?


  • Find the sensible heat required to raise the temperature of 10 lb of ice from 0°F to 32°F.


  • Find the amount of latent heat required to be added to 10 lbs of water at 212°F before it becomes steam at 212°F


  • What is the total heat required to change 10 lbs of ice from 0°F to steam at 212°F.


  • What is the final temperature of 100 lbs of water per minute entering a boiler at 70°F when boiler output is 10,000 BTU/min.


  • A hot water boiler uses heating oil with a heating capacity of 1000 BTU/lb. The boiler burns the oil at the rate of 60 lbs/hour. If the boiler supply water is at 100°F and the water is supplied at 1000 lb/hr, find the temperature of the water leaving the boiler.


  • The temperature of 150 kg of water is raised from 15°C to 85°C by the addition of heat. How much heat energy in Kilojoules is supplied ?


  • 20 kilograms of water at 65°C are supplied with 5000 KJ of heat energy. What mass of the water will be vaporized ?


  • What is the cooling rate in kilojoules per second produced by melting ice at the rate of 12.36 kg/s ?


  • 2000 kg/s of water are cooled from 30°C to 2°C. Compute the rate of heat transfer in Kilojoules per second ?


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